Slim's Blazin Reaper Hot Sauce (5oz)

Slim's Blazin Reaper Hot Sauce (5oz)
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Slim's Blazin Reaper Hot Sauce (5oz)

Slim's Blazin' Reaper is an extra hot sauce, made with applewood smoked peppers. We always use a simple recipe which so it is easy to taste the smoke, lime juice and the fresh flavour of Carolina Reaper Peppers. It's definitely a favourite for any hot sauce lover that appreciates the heat of a super hot pepper. Goes well on a wide variety of foods, we recommend pizza or bbq, eggs too, but try it on just about anything you can think of. All natural hot sauce with no added sugar or salt.

Ingredients: Smoked Habaneros, red peppers, white vinegar, lime juice, garlic seasonings. 

Heat rating = 9

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